Luke Staisiunas- Shop Technician


Luke Staisiunas grew up in Southeastern Pennsylvania and has had a lifelong passion for the pipe organ, even as a toddler in Chicago. As a high school organ student, he could often be found crawling through the chambers figuring out how everything worked.  During his undergraduate degree at OU, he studied primarily with Dr. John Schwandt, along with Dr. Adam Pajan and coaching from various visiting artists, becoming comfortable with a wide variety of styles of organ music, as well as harpsichord continuo playing. On the technical side, he was active with the American Organ Institute’s Organ Technology program, spending summers and breaks with various technicians and companies, including Walker Technical, Opus-Two Instrument Control Systems, and working with Brantley Duddy, and various freelance opportunities. Luke is currently organist at First Baptist Church, as well as a second-year master’s student at OU, having begun under Dr. Damin Spritzer, and finishing with Dr. Pajan. He also serves on the American Theatre Organ Society's Board of Directors. Outside of music, Luke can be found pursuing various nerdy interests, spending time in the kitchen, or befriending various animals.