Justin Dana- Shop Technician


Justin Dana grew up in Brenham, Texas and was involved in 4-H from an early age. As a teenager, he developed an interest in reed organs and their mechanics and taught himself to play by way of YouTube. From there he began organ lessons, started playing for church services, and discovered his love of both sacred music and the pipe organ. After high school he attended Blinn College in his hometown and, in between classes, volunteered to assist with the rebuild of the pipe organ in a nearby church. This life-changing experience not only allowed him to gain employment with Pipe Organ Technicians of Houston, Texas, but also solidified his desire to find a career in the organ industry. After working for a year, he transferred to the University of Oklahoma solely because of the astounding reputation of the American Organ Institute under the leadership of Dr. John Schwandt. Upon the unfortunate closure of the American Organ Institute announced in 2019, Justin discontinued his studies at the university in 2020 and accepted a position with the Red River Organ Company. Justin continues to enjoy playing the organ as well as maintain interests in organ maintenance, history, and astronomy.